When it comes to choosing a litigator find somebody who can tell your story.  A good litigator is empathetic, listens and proposes a variety of solutions in an effort to find one that accounts for all of your interests and needs.

We are a full-service litigation shop with experience presenting arguments in court, conducting depositions, propounding and responding to discovery, brief writing and motions practice. We possess significant expertise in the area of attorney client privilege and due process.

Our transactional and business experience complements our other service offerings, such that we can play the role of general counsel for start-up companies, foreign entities and other organizations doing business in the United States.  We can help you form your company by preparing articles, agreements, bylaws, resolutions and other relevant documents. 

Our team possesses significant business leadership experience and are well poised to counsel entities on a variety of executive-level functions, such as employer-employee relations, contracting with suppliers and developing sales, pricing and marketing strategies.  We are well versed on international business transactions, knowledgeable about economic development incentives and can advise companies in negotiations with foreign governments.  We also can establish IRS tax-exempt recognition for non-profit organizations with substantial experience preparing the relevant IRS Forms. 


We advocate for clients before several federal and state regulatory and enforcement agencies including the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Communications Commission. Our goals are to deliver results and protect our clients’ expectations of confidentiality.

We also present advocacy material advancing policy arguments about proposed rules to legislators and regulators. For example, we have presented policy arguments for a Congressional roundtable addressing regarding antitrust cartel amnesty laws and have prepared comments for submission regarding Dodd Frank regulations.