Joseph H. Tipograph is a published expert on antitrust law with substantial experience providing legal solutions to businesses of all sizes in the dynamic landscape of modern commerce. He has developed a strong track record of success and a positive reputation in the field by accumulating a deep understanding of how industries function and constructing compelling narratives about the competitive nature of challenged conduct. He has represented some of the largest social media companies, Internet service providers, computer device manufacturers, software providers and other high-tech companies. He has provided legal analysis of mergers requiring highly technical understanding of complex processes.


Tipograph has managed cyber-security crises for large companies by leading round-the-clock surveillance operations, coordinating with investigators, developing legal and media response strategies and preparing detailed memoranda describing data hacking methodologies employed. Through this experience, he is familiar with a variety of techniques employed by hackers to penetrate data security firewalls or otherwise frustrate operations including SQL injections, social engineering, DDOS attacks and insider recruitment.

Consumer Protection

As a clerk for the Federal Trade Commission, Tipograph investigated debt negotiation companies and health products manufacturers for violation of federal consumer protection laws. Through these experiences, he has substantial experience interviewing alleged victims and scientific experts, as well as robust legal knowledge of federal advertising substantiation standards.

Media / First Amendment

In launching the antitrust trade publication, the Capitol Forum, Tipograph is familiar with many of the business and legal needs of a media outlet. He worked with Congressional and regulatory press offices to establish the publication’s media credentials. He also served in a general counsel role preparing internal legal and compliance memoranda designed to protect information published in a subscription-based reporter as “public information” for securities law purposes.

Family Law

Tipograph has also provided representation in family law matters. He has counseled a mother in an international custody dispute with claims arising under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act. He has also handled divorce, guardianship and child support cases and prepared wills, powers of attorney and other related documents.


Tipograph has counseled several leading petroleum companies on a variety of matters. He has provided representation in the sale and assignment of fueling station real estate rights by preparing deeds, assignments, bills of sale and other transactional documents. He is also experienced in providing counsel regarding franchise termination requirements under the Petroleum Marking Practices Act.

White Collar

Tipograph has significant white-collar experience. He has served as defense counsel to corporate executives in Department of Justice criminal prosecutions, advocated before Congressional roundtables on antitrust cartel amnesty laws for whistleblowers and published articles about state white-collar criminal enforcement actions.